Got a new toy. Is it good or is it bad?

Is it good or is it bad? Today I've got my Banana-Pi with an SATA cable and a 2.5" WD Red, that's really good. But I'm running out of (spare) time and I can't try it yet, that bad.

I hope...

I hope I find some time to start playing with the Banana-Pi and Debian Wheezy. Since the Banana-Pi come with a physical SATA connector and 1 1GBit Ethernet, it is the right board to build a new NAS system. I am a long time Debian user, so the base for this NAS will be Debian Wheezy. The original Debian ARM repositories are working with the Allwinner SoC of the Banana-Pi, a very important requirement.

I plan to try OpenMediaVault as Web frontend for the new NAS. It looks really nice and I hope it uses the original configuration infrastructure of Debian.

So this system will be a replacement for my really old but ultra stable PC-Engine ALIX3D2 board. A real working horse which has never failed.

So what are my plans?

First I want to have a running system. ;-) It must be solid and fast.

In a second step, I want to have some additional stuff and some eye candy. So I want to add

  • a heartbeat LED showing some activity.
  • a visualisation of the load of the CPU (may be with some LEDs).
  • a button for starting backups.
  • a button to allow a shutdown.
  • ...give me some time and I find more. ;-)

So stay tuned...